My name is Dan Mitchell.  I used to be happy with just going with the flow, taking advantage of opportunities as they came along, but generally satisfied with just following the crowd.  While doing so has led me to some interesting places and people, that time is done.

In 2014 I made a decision not to just let the currents of life pull me where they wanted.  I decided that if I was going to live the life I want to live and inspire my son, family and friends to do and be more in their own lives, I would have to make some radical changes:

  • My fitness – occasionally working out is not enough.  I want to be at peak fitness, not just for someone my age, but someone at any age.
  • My relationships – I want to give more quality time and attention to the people who matter most to me, even in the midst of massive personal change and all the commitments that come with that.
  • My career – I don’t want to just do a job to earn a paycheck.  I want to be the best I can possibly be, serve as an example to others, and blaze a path for others to follow.
  • My finances – I don’t want to spend my life being led around the nose by others, constantly reacting to the movements of the crowd rather than setting my own goals, finding the right path to financial freedom, and getting the resources necessary to make the right decisions for my family and myself.
  • My life – Who the hell just wants to live an average life with the occasional great day thrown in?  And as Joel Runyon wrote in this blog post, “Why just have a few awesome days to look back on? Why not have them all be awesome? Why not have an awesome life? That’s what I want.”

The big questions in my mind are these:

Can I make massive changes in all these areas in one year?  Is such a 365-day challenge even possible?  Not for anyone in general, but for me specifically? 

What are the principles which undergird successfully navigating such a brutal, spartan process?  Can I learn them, execute them, and teach others to do the same?

And when all is said and done, will anyone besides me even give a shit?

I’ve created the PowerPrinciple to do three things:

  1. Track my year-long journey to competing in a full Ironman triathlon in December 2015, recording throughout my diet and fitness stats, insights, successes, failures and principles of POWER this brutal process has on my mindset, personal life, finances and career.
  2. Write about this experience in a blog where I’ll be writing to my 4-year-old son to read when he turns 16 – what, if anything, I can pass on to him that will help him be more successful and fulfilled, whatever life direction he chooses.
  3. Whether it’s through overcoming my own challenges, lessons gleaned from this experience which I pass on to my son, or by linking like-minded people together, help other people on their own journeys.

Join me on this journey.