Get to 70%, then move

Dear Nathan, (This post can be read alongside my post “My process is a work in progress” on Last time I wrote that, “You will have to do the work. Read the books, listen to the lectures, ask the questions, get the answers, make your plans. Then move. And keep moving.” Continue Reading

Learn to “Embrace the Suck”

Dear Nathan, You don't know it but this week I've been working on something called the "20x Your Potential" challenge.  To keep it short, every day this week I'm putting myself through a single challenge that, collectively, are meant to help me break through my mental barriers and see myself as Continue Reading

Son, the Universe doesn’t give a shit about you

Dear Nathan, I know you must be giggling about the title of this post and wondering what the heck your old man is on about, but before diving in on this one I have to give due recognition to a writer (who should still be around by the time you’re reading this) named Johnny B. Truant. He wrote a Continue Reading